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Medical Assistant Program

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Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant program is designed to prepare current and future employees for the fast-paced changes encountered in the health care industry and to help develop training, skills and attitudes necessary to excel in medical assisting.


Students are provided the opportunity to gain medical assisting training skills to help physicians and focus on performance of clinical duties.


This program is appropriate for entry-level positions in doctor’s offices, hospitals, home health agencies, and other allied health organizations. 

Medical Assisting Clinical Program Curriculum

The 14 content areas are directly linked to the core competencies required for success at the entry-level in the health care industry as a Registered Medical Assistant.

  • Medical Terminology

  • Business Communication

  • Medical Office Management & Administration

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Allied Health Office Procedures & Administration

  • Electronic Medical Records & Reimbursement

  • Medical Dictation

  • Phlebotomy

  • Pharmacology

  • Pathophysiology

  • Laboratory & Exam Room Procedures

  • Cardiac Monitoring Procedures

  • Medical Law and Ethics/Exam Review

  • Internship

Career Outlook

Career opportunities for our medical assisting program may include employment in hospitals, home health agencies, medical offices and more. Employment for this career track through 2019-2029 is expected to grow by 19 percent.*

Class Room Setting 

2 days a week, 3 hour classes

We work with students every day to jump-start their career in the program of their choice. By referring our students out to our vetted training partner, they will be matched with the best short-term career training program to achieve their career goals. A new career that pays well can make a tremendous difference for them and their families.   Financial Aid and Scholarships available for Medical Assistant and Medical Billing & Coding Training Programs.​


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Medical Assistant and Medical Billing & Coding Campus Location

1500 Spring Garden Street, Suite 101, Philadelphia,  PA 19130

 (215) 769-1199 

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