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Medical Assisting Clinical

The Medical Assisting Clinical program is designed to prepare current and future employees for the fast-paced changes encountered in the health care industry, and to help develop training, skills and attitudes necessary to excel in medical assisting. College students are provided the opportunity to gain medical assisting training skills to help physicians and focus on performance of clinical duties. This medical assisting clinical program is appropriate for entry-level positions in doctor’s offices, hospitals, home health agencies, and other allied health organizations.

Medical Assisting Clinical Program Curriculum

The 14 content areas are directly linked to the core competencies required for success at the entry level in the health care industry as a Registered Medical Assistant. Curriculum can vary upon degree option.

  • Medical Terminology

  • Business Communication

  • Medical Office Management & Administration

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Allied Health Office Procedures & Administration

  • Electronic Medical Records & Reimbursement

  • Medical Dictation

  • Phlebotomy

  • Pharmacology

  • Pathophysiology

  • Laboratory & Exam Room Procedures

  • Cardiac Monitoring Procedures

  • Medical Law and Ethics/Exam Review

  • Internship

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Program

Health care continues to be both one of the fastest-growing occupations in the nation and a topic of concern among Americans. That's why as treatments continue to become more complex, medical billing and coding training is becoming more and more important. Offers Online Medical Billing & Coding diploma and Associate degree program options that make it even more convenient to become prepared for this important profession.

A medical billing & coding specialist ensures procedures are properly covered by insurance claims. The medical billing & coding specialist is integral to the smooth operation of any health care facility. Successful medical billing & coding specialist program graduates can find work as:

  • Billing Specialists

  • Patient Account Representatives

  • Electronic Claims Processors

  • Billing Coordinators

  • Billing Auditors

  • Coding Specialists

  • Insurance Claims Analyst

Health Care Administration – Billing & Coding

Launch your career in the healthcare field online. We offer a comprehensive online Bachelor's in Health Care Administration Degree program designed to give you the knowledge, training and skills you need to efficiently manage healthcare organizations and services.

Upon completing the online Bachelor's in Health Care Administration program, you should be prepared for employment in a number of healthcare-related careers, such as:

  • Clinical director

  • Health services manager

  • Healthcare administrator

  • Nursing and residential care administrator

  • Patient care administrator

  • And more!


Pharmacy Technology Program

Are you looking for an online Pharmacy Technology school where you can learn to become a certified pharmacy technician? With our online program you can earn your Pharmacy Technician Degree online, while learning the skills you need to succeed.

Under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians provide valuable assistance in managing the daily operations of a pharmacy. Their work includes preparing medications, maintaining patient profiles, updating the pharmacy's inventory and assisting customers with prescription requests.

You can earn your Pharmacy Technology Associate Degree or diploma online. You'll receive training that prepares you to understand filling prescriptions, dosing and drug interactions. You can gain a strong foundation in pharmaceutical terminology and record keeping, helping you to become a responsible and informed certified pharmacy technician.

Graduates of our Online Pharmacy technology school will be prepared for employment in a variety of pharmacy settings, such as:

  • Retail pharmacies

  • Hospitals

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Nursing homes

Benefits of Online Programs

  • Little to no commute with a savings on transportation

  • You can take online program classes from the comfort of your own home

  • Online schools have resources available 24/7 so you can learn on your own time and review program coursework repeatedly

  • You take online program courses when they fit your schedule, especially if you work a 9 to 5 and/or take care of children or a family member

  • Online training programs give you an opportunity to improve your virtual communication skills


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