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Business Management &

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Career Starter Services was founded on the belief that all people of all ages should be given an opportunity for a better life. We understand that to improve your life, you must have a career that can support you and your family and that can provide the lifestyle you desire. To help you accomplish those goals, we offer short-term career programs with long-term career growth.



College Course Online Business Management 

Earn a Degree or Diploma – from anywhere, at any time.


Want to advance in your current field, change careers or gain the professional edge? Think you don't have enough time? Think again. You can earn your Online Business Management diploma or Associate degree and gain the highly marketable skills that can position you for a successful career with online business training on a school schedule that syncs with your lifestyle. You can log on to work toward your Online Business Management degree or diploma from anywhere, at any time.

The Online Business Management program is designed to prepare current and future employees for the fast-paced changes encountered in management and administrative offices so they are better prepared to fill the numerous and varied management opportunities that are available in the marketplace today. Business Management program students participate in a curriculum developed by employers and college administration, which means you will be learning exactly what the employers want their employees to know!

The 13 specific content areas that you will focus on include:

  • Accounting

  • Human Resource Management

  • Computer Applications

  • Business Communications

  • Business Law

  • Small Business Management

  • Finance

  • Principles of Management

  • Business Math

  • Retail Management

Online Human Resource Management

If you like working with people, a career in human resources may be for you. Our Human Resource Management is the place to get started. In this program, you’ll receive human resource training designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of employment laws and how to apply these laws to employment-related decisions. You’ll also study key tasks of human resource departments and how to help your employer comply with legal requirements.

As a human resources professional, you’ll need to develop solid interviewing techniques. Our human resources management training program can help you learn these techniques, as well as the legal aspects of interviewing protocol. You can also begin to develop a progressive disciplinary system and standards of performance appraisal and learn to train others in interviewing methods.

Courses in our human resource management certification program focus on topics like:

  • Accounting and Payroll

  • Business Communications

  • Microsoft Windows and Office

  • Interviewing

  • Employment Law

  • Career Development

  • And Much More!

Benefits of Online Programs

  • Little to no commute with a savings on transportation

  • You can take online program classes from the comfort of your own home

  • Online schools have resources available 24/7 so you can learn on your own time and review program coursework repeatedly

  • You take online program courses when they fit your schedule, especially if you work a 9 to 5 and/or take care of children or a family member

  • Online training programs give you an opportunity to improve your virtual communication skills


Take the Next Step 

We can help you start your online career journey, but you have to take the first step. We can help you determine which one of our online programs best fits your goals and schedule.

For more information, contact us today!   (866)-680-1147   


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Mission, Purpose and Objectives

The mission of Career Starter Services is to provide quality programs that integrate professional skills and career focus to empower students in developing and achieving both their personal and career potentials.

Career Starter Services recognizes the worth and dignity of all people and is sensitive to the diversity of cultural and ethnic background represented in the student population. All participants are encouraged to reach their potential within the framework of their individual needs, interests and capacities.

Our mission is to close the opportunity divide by ensuring that students gain the skills, experience and support that will empower them to reach their career goals and prepare them for a successful future.