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Electrician Program 

A Career that can last a life time 

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Electrical Technician

A instructional program which consist of 5-Module that will provide students with an opportunity to gain an understanding of:

  • Basic building construction

  • Tools

  • Safety procedures 

  • OSHA standards and regulation 

  • Mathematics emphasizing units of measure, temperature

  • Conversion used by technicians in the building trade professions.

In addition, students explore the communication skills and strategies that are needed by professionals in the building trades.


This program is also designed to cover other topics, including skills, and proactive career management.

  • Trades Introduction

  • Electrical for Trades

  • Raceway Systems

  • Lighting Applications

  • Grounding and Circuitry 


  • Customized training for companies 

  • OSHA 10 training 

  • Site safety management programs and development 

  • OSHA non-compliant solutions 


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